Nokia Audiobooks

Nokia Audiobooks (S60 3rd) 1.07

Listen to audiobooks on your phone


  • Powerful compression without significant quality loss
  • Browse by chapter
  • Set Bookmarks
  • Automatically continues where you left off


  • You still need to download your own audiobooks

Very good

Books are great and everything but sometimes reading them is a bit of a chore, especially if you're illiterate. If you're the sort of person whose eyes go funny when you stare at pages of words for too long then try listening to an audiobook instead. Nokia Audiobooks is an app specifically designed to help you do this on your phone, and it makes for a great experience.

The software consists of two components: an environment for Windows capable of converting a CD or MP3 file into a format optimised for playback on your phone, along with the player itself. The compression format it uses, AMR-WB is quite impressive, and is optimised for voiceovers, preserving acoustic quality while significantly reducing file size.

This is important because some audiobooks can reach up to 20 hours in length, creating a monster file that would be near-impossible to handle on your device were it not for Nokia Audiobooks. With this app you can get 5-10 times more content on your phone than you would if you compressed the file as an MP3.

You might be thinking 'why do I need a dedicated program for audiobooks when I can play them on my default media player?' Of course, you could do this, but Nokia Audiobooks comes with tailor-made features such as the ability to browse chapters, set bookmarks and automatically continue the story where you left off last time.

If you want to make your journey to work more enjoyable get hold of Nokia Audiobooks and enjoy great works of literature on your mobile.

Welcome to the world of audiobooks. An audiobook is a recording of the contents of a book read aloud. There are tens of thousands of audiobooks available in the world, in various languages, ranging all the way from education to entertainment.

Nokia Audiobooks is a beta concept that enables you to enjoy audiobooks while on the go. It includes a highly efficient audio compression technology optimized for voice (AMR-WB), a player application for S60 (Nokia Audiobook Player), and an audio converter tool for PC (Nokia Audiobook Manager).

Whereas traditional music player applications are optimized for music, Nokia Audiobook Player is optimized for audiobooks, enabling you to browse chapters, set bookmarks, and automatically continue from where you last time stopped listening.

Nokia Audiobooks


Nokia Audiobooks (S60 3rd) 1.07

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